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How Does the Equifax Breach Affect You?

On July 29, 2017, Equifax discovered a criminal cyber-breach that exposed Social Security numbers and other personal information of about 143 million Americans. Because the breached information also includes birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers, affected individuals are at high risk for identity theft. We have provided some steps below to find out if you […]


Tax Planning Tips for 2014

The summer is quickly coming to an end and this time of the year presents a timely checkpoint to review options for reducing your tax bill. The new tax rules created from the American Taxpayer Relief Act have been in effect since 2013 and many individuals and families are continuing to look for practical ways […]


Reasons for IRA rollovers from 401k: An American example

The changing economy hasn’t been good to many workers. Jobs have changed or even gone away along with pensions and retirement benefits. Just ask the estimated 13,000 people who will lose their job at American Airlines as it restructures.


Help with college aid muddle

Traditional planning for college expenses usually exists of estimating tuition and how much to save each year to pay for four years. But once college gets closer, the numbers all change and the options all have different prices, meaning exploring financial aid usually comes into the picture. And that’s where college gets complicated. “Often financial […]


Preparing a parent for a nursing home

The prospect of putting a parent in a nursing home is stressful enough without worrying about how to pay for it. But preparing well in advance can make the decision easier. The first step in creating a care plan is to divide the tasks among family members. Each child should be given an assignment, such […]


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