How We Can Help

* 401K Advising, Rollover and Monitoring
* Career/Job Change Analysis
* Stock Option Evaluation & Strategies
* Employee Benefit Evaluation * Planning for new couples merging finances
* Planning for adding children to family
* Creation and analysis of divorce settlement proposals

Your Retirement

* IRA Distribution Analysis
* Lump Sum/Annuity Comparison for Retirement
* Pension Annuitization and Maximization Alternatives
* Retirement Income/RMD Analysis
* Retirement Package Review
* Retirement Goals, Transition and Relocation
* Retirement Plans For Individuals/Businesses
* Retirement Plan Rollover Advising
* Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA Analysis
* Social Security Counseling

Your Investments

* Asset Allocation/Reallocation/Rebalancing
* Investment Portfolio Analysis and Management

Your Insurance

* Disability Income Needs and Policy Evaluation
* Health Insurance Policy Evaluation
* Home & Property Purchase or Sale Evaluation
* Life Insurance Needs and Policy Analysis
* Long Term Care Needs and Policy Analysis
* Property and Casualty Policy Review

Your Taxes

* Tax Planning & Tax Return Review
* Property Tax Counseling
* In-house alliance with income tax preparation professional

Your Estate Plan

* Estate Planning/Wills/Trusts Management and Review
* Beneficiary Designation Counseling
* Inheritance Management & Planning
* Risk Management Review

Your Education

* 529 College Savings Plan Advising
* Alternative Funding/Loan Options Evaluation
* Savings Needs Analysis

Your Cash Flow

* Managing Sudden Wealth/Inheritance
* Account Monitoring
* Mortgage Financing Alternatives
* Financial Education for Children
* Auto/Home Purchase Evaluation & Negotiation

Your Business

* Business Management Succession Planning
* Business Start-Up Advising
* Employment/Partnership Contract Review & Negotiation
* Pension/Profit-Sharing Plan Design and Advising
* Benefit Program Advising and Evaluation

Your Family

* Planning for new couples
* Planning for new children
* Creation and analysis of divorce settlement proposals

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