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Our Story

Strategic Financial Planning was established because its founder refused to be constrained from doing the right thing for his clients.

Bryan Lee started in the financial services industry with Fidelity Investments in 1993, but at that firm he was not able to give any “client specific” advice on investments. Bryan wanted to advise clients based on who they were and what goals they had, but this was not allowed by the firm’s rules.

He realized that he needed to be in a different environment where he could take the time to really understand each of his clients’ unique circumstances and provide informed advice.

As a result, he received his CFP® certification and opened Strategic Financial Planning, Inc., in 1999. By doing so he was able to better understand his clients’ financial needs and, more importantly, to know them as people with goals, dreams, challenges, and potential.

It was this deeper dimension of financial planning that Bryan first sought at Fidelity, and he was able to finally bring it to life at Strategic Financial Planning.

Today, Strategic Financial Planning continues to thrive, serving clients in a variety of professions and life stages, but all with the same desire to be heard and understood, and for their needs and dreams to be addressed.

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