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Our Philosophy and Values

Caring & Compassion

Because we put your interests first and have taken the time to build a relationship with you, we feel like family and care about your well-being and life events. We want our clients to know they have a shoulder to lean on and a friend who is interested in their personal success.


While we are trained to know various subjects in financial management, things change. Therefore, we require our advisors to obtain continuing education yearly above the minimum requirements for our industry.  We regularly attend seminars and conferences to increase our knowledge and ability to advise on the most current changes in finance as part of our commitment to learning and professional improvement.


Objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality. It is an essential quality for our advisors. We maintain objectivity by being open-minded in evaluating solutions to determine the best options that are likely to provide the most benefit to you.


We are in a position of trust and confidence and therefore lead a personal and professional life with high integrity. In deciding what is right and just, we rely on our integrity as the appropriate touchstone. Integrity demands honesty and candor, which must not be subordinated to personal gain or advantage. Our certifications through the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards provide a Code of Ethics we not only observe but encourage. You can read the code of ethics here


Personalized attention begins with the first meeting, continues through the development of your customized financial plan and is a vital ingredient in the successful implementation of recommendations. Having adapted corporate strategic planning techniques to your individual situation, your advisor serves as your planner and coach. They provide you with alternatives and recommendations, and you make the decisions. Our results are centered only on what is in your best interest. In areas your advisor feels a specialist should be considered, he or she will recommend referrals of competent advisors that have been pre-screened to perform equally with your best interest.

We can reduce the complexity of the tax laws, evaluate a variety of investments, be a sounding board about alternative estate plans and reduce the confusion of your insurance programs. In short, by giving you choices that will fit your situation, we can act both as a stimulus and catalyst for action.

The privacy of information is absolutely essential for our relationship. Rigid ethical guidelines for all communication combined with physical safeguards for your records ensure that your situation is kept confidential.

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