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Who We Work With

Our clients are intelligent, successful people who are passionate about reaching their goals, but don't necessarily have the time, expertise, or inclination to manage their finances by themselves.

Everyone’s situation and style is unique, but our typical clients generally share many of these characteristics:

  • Amiable delegators – they want to delegate their financial matters to a professional once trust is established and maintain a pleasant relationship.
  • Completely comfortable sharing all aspects of their financial lives.
  • Open to the Life Planning approach of financial planning.
  • Annual household income of at least $200,000 and/or $1 million net worth.
  • In the accumulation phase of their lives, generally age 25 – 60.
  • Want/need professional advice in multiple areas such as retirement, estate, tax, business, cash flow, investment, college and insurance planning and analysis.
  • Understand the benefits of working with an independent, fee-only firm.
  • Are willing to pay a fee for professional advice.
  • Specific profiles would include: physicians, executives, business owners, professionals, divorcees, and widows.

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