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If I Could Only Teach One Financial Lesson Thumbnail

If I Could Only Teach One Financial Lesson

With more than two decades in the financial services industry, we’ve come across many pieces of sound financial advice. You’ve probably heard some of them as well, such as the importance of living within your means, managing risk, and investing for the future. It would be wise to follow any of those lessons, but if we could give just one piece of financial advice, it would be to avoid procrastination.

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How Much Risk is in Your 401(k)? Thumbnail

How Much Risk is in Your 401(k)?

Do you have a 401(k)? Maybe a better question is: Do you know how your 401(k) works? If you’re like 63% of Americans, this common retirement plan completely confuses you. But don’t go sticking your head in the sand! Your retirement and how you save for it are too important to ignore, no matter how complicated it seems. A 401(k) or 403(b) is a valuable and important tool to help you build your retirement nest egg so it’s there when you need it, but there are many variables that can impact your account. And in this case, what you do to align your investments with your financial plan can make a significant difference at the end of the day. Here are 5 ways to do just that.

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